as inode :: My Information Node!


Hey there! Thanks for stopping by. I use this space to keep my thoughts that I consider are reusable.

There is nothing yet anything cool about my profile. But in short, I have been learning a lot of technical stuff these days. Especially the scarily multidisciplinary, strikingly technofunctional field, Data Science.

I am trying! Who can stop me from dreaming!

Most of it has been a journey in solitude which I have nothing to complain about. It has its own set of pluses.

But without a peer, the chance of getting lost is pretty high. And moreover, the technical skills I am trying to acquire are subjects like programming languages like Python, analytical tools like R and SAS, data concepts, statistics, etc.

Although ambitious, I am actually trying to achieve quite a bit of sophisticated learning of complex computations. This is a field where journey withough a peer cannot be riskier. So I try to keep my thoughts, processes, experiences here so once could correct me when they find a wrong (which is easy), or one could use if found useful (ones like me).

It gives me a sense of, I am not alone.

Thanks to those who take time to correct me!!