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The Loop Game

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Breaking things is easier than making!

I guess this is what Jonas Lekevicius wants to make us remain constantly aware of.

The Loop Game. There is nothing extraordinary about it. No novelty at all. Lot of such games came and went. Just a subtle combination of minimalism and intense music at the most immersing extent.

It takes you into a world of possibilities, imagination. It takes you into completely different mental state.

A state we call Trance State of Mind.

Not just by the music it plays in your ears, gently slithering deep into your nerves, making you feel like LOST. But it does so by immersing you into the essence. Perhaps, while playing this, that’s one of the rarest moments in life where you are fully mindfull, focused.

No more thoughts, period!

I am not sure what creativity is. To me, the word is as complicated as how mathematics sounds. I am not sure how to describe such abstrations. Nature is full of these. That’s why spiritual gurus refrain you from the temptation, a tendency to describe everything you see, feel, touch, know, etc.

I guess I seem to find it sensible. Rather than spending your energy and time on finding ways to describe any beauty, just take it all into your eyes!

Well, all that I have done so far in these lines is … describing !!!

Anyway, back to the LoopGame, I find it really relaxing. Imagination gets flamed up by the music it plays. I wish I could get it as an audio file.

Sometimes, you feel like you are in an alien ship. Sometimes you just want to close your eyes and focus on nothing specific. But it feels you are being judged on your emotional intelligence. I don’t know it gave a lot of other thoughts!

The Loop Game.

Go for it. As in the name,

The game is endless …..